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Do you accept vouchers, gift certificates, etc. purchased from booking agencies?

No. We only accept gift certificates purchased from Rochester Skydivers. If you did not make your reservations directly through our Website at www.RochesterSkydivers.com or by calling us at (585) 315-9606, you didn’t make your purchase from us, and we cannot honor it.

How long is the training?

Prior to training, you will complete registration and watch a short video. Training for the skydive is about 30-45 minutes, depending on class size.

What should I wear?

Wear casual clothes appropriate for the weather. In the summer, shorts and a t-shirt are good choices. For cooler weather, pants and a long-sleeve shirt are ok. No bulky clothing. Bring layers. Sneakers only!

What should I bring with me?

We do require a valid government ID. We provide everything you need for your skydive, just wear sneakers and casual clothes.

Should I eat beforehand?

It’s natural to feel nervous before your jump, but please eat a light meal beforehand. There is no restaurant at the airport, so you may want to bring snacks or lunch with you. We do have beverages on site.

Will I be able to breathe?

Skydiving would never have come to enjoy the popularity it has if we couldn’t breathe in freefall.

I’m afraid of heights. Should I skydive?

Fear of heights is relatively common. But since you will be exiting the airplane from nearly two miles up, your perception of distance is completely different since you have no other features to relate to. No worries, you’ll most likely be fine.

Can I have my jump videoed?

Absolutely! You may have every aspect of your skydive captured on videos or stills, from your thoughts before boarding, to the airplane ride to altitude, to your skydive and canopy ride, to your landing back on earth.

Is it cold?

The temperature is generally comfortable during your skydive, however, on cooler days it can feel a little chilly. We provide you with jumpsuits and leather hats, and we also have gloves you can wear if the temperature warrants them.

Can my friends/family watch?

All spectators are welcome. Please invite everyone to come support you and cheer your accomplishment! For safety reasons, children must be with adults at all times. We do ask that all pets be left at home. An airport is a completely inappropriate place for any pet.

What if the weather is bad?

Weather forecasts are notoriously inaccurate, so a prediction of bad weather doesn’t mean you won’t be able to jump. Even if the weather is bad at your home, it may be completely different at the drop zone. And the weather can change considerably throughout the day. We will make every effort to insure you can skydive on the day of your appointment. If for some reason you cannot, you will receive a rain-date coupon, and you can return another time to jump.

Can I bring my GoPro camera with me?

Sorry, no. For safety reasons, USPA recommends that experienced skydivers have at least 200 jumps before taking a camera with them. So it certainly is inappropriate for you as a tandem passenger to take a camera on your first skydive.

Are there any age limits?

You must be at least 18 to make a tandem jump. However, there is no upper limit. If you are in relatively good health, you can skydive until any age.

I have never ridden in an airplane before. Is that a problem?

A surprising number of our tandem students combine the experiences of their first ride in an airplane with their first skydive. It hasn’t proven to be a problem.

Do I have to be in perfect health?

There are some physical requirements to be able to skydive. But we are not doctors, and we don’t know you. Only you can determine whether you are healthy enough to skydive. If you have any questions please consult your physician prior to your scheduled appointment.

Is there a weight limit?

The weight limit for tandem skydives is 220 lbs, or call to discuss. If you have any questions, please call us.

How long will it take to complete my jump?

Normally, you should expect to have completed your skydive in three or four hours from your arrival time, but many factors can affect how long it may actually take, such as class size and weather delays. If a delay occurs and you cannot wait, you will be issued a rain-date coupon to return at another time.

What about alcohol or drugs?

No alcohol consumption is permitted on the airport by anyone while skydiving operations are ongoing. Drugs are not permitted at any time. If you have consumed alcohol or drugs prior to your jump, you will not be allowed to skydive.

When are your tandem classes held?

We offer classes every Saturday and Sunday, at 9 am and 1 pm, or by previous arrangement. If you need to choose a different time or a weekday is more suitable for you, call us at (585) 315-9606 and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate your needs.