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After you have completed your first tandem jump, you can’t stop thinking about it. You want to learn to skydive. You’ve been bitten by the skydiving bug!

Rochester Skydivers’ instructors will work with you to help you complete our Tandem Progression/Accelerated FreeFall training program. Our U.S. Parachute Association-certified instructors and skydiving coaches will then assist you in completing all the necessary requirements to become a licensed skydiver. The USPA license you will earn is recognized at every drop zone in the United States, and at drop zones around the world, as evidence of your skills as an experienced skydiver. Call us today to schedule your training! (585) 315-9606


Tandem Progression/AFF Program

Our Tandem Progression/AFF program consists of two phases. First, you will complete four tandem skydives with a certified instructor, with each successive jump building on the skills from your previous jump. Prior to each jump, you will receive a thorough briefing of the objectives for the skydive, and you will practice those tasks with your instructor on the ground. In addition to the freefall portion of your jump, you will receive real-time feedback from your instructor to hone your parachute (canopy) piloting skills. Once back on the ground, you will receive a thorough debriefing as you and your instructor review the jump.

Once you have completed the Tandem Progression phase, you will begin the solo AFF portion of your training. First you will have an intensive, thorough ground school in which you will learn about all necessary aspects of your first AFF skydive. You will then work with your AFF instructor to train for each skydive, utilizing the skills you acquired on your previous jumps to achieve your goals. As with the Tandem Progression phase, you will practice on the ground the tasks you are to perform on that jump. You will receive real-time feedback in freefall from your instructor as needed, and you will have ground radio communication to assist you with your canopy control, followed by a debriefing with your instructor.

When you and your instructor are confident that you have mastered the skills needed to skydive safely and can perform controlled maneuvers in freefall and under canopy, you will graduate from the program and will be cleared to skydive on your own! You will be well on your way to becoming a licensed skydiver!

After graduation, you will be able to continue working toward your A license on solo skydives and under the guidance of our coaches, following USPA guidelines.

Come join the fun! Learn to skydive!!


Training Phase# SkydivesCashCredit Card
Tandem Progression 4 Skydives $756 $796
AFF (includes Ground School) 6 Skydives $975 $1045

All training and equipment is included in the prices.
Note: If additional jumps are required to complete the program, additional costs are incurred.